Unspeakable Tragedy Strikes Again At Georgia University: What We Know About The Fatal Shooting

By Lisa Pelgin | Monday, 20 May 2024 05:15 AM
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Image Credit : Kennesaw State University

In a tragic turn of events, a female student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia was fatally shot by an alleged armed intruder, as confirmed by university officials on Saturday.

The university, in an alert posted on its website, stated, "Kennesaw State officials can confirm that a female student was fatally shot on campus."

The university further confirmed that a suspect has been apprehended, assuring that there is "no threat to the campus community." The incident, which took place around 4 pm local time, prompted a shelter-in-place order on the campus. This order was lifted approximately 45 minutes later, although students were advised to "avoid the South Campus Housing area due to police activity."

The Kennesaw State University Police are collaborating with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in response to this incident, as per the university's statement.


This incident marks the second emergency alert issued this year in relation to an armed intruder on campus, as reported by WSB-TV. A similar incident in January, involving a reported individual with a firearm on campus, resulted in students and staff being placed under a shelter-in-place order for several hours.