Rumor Has It: Don Lemon Has Some HEFTY Plans This Weekend

By Jennifer Wentworth | Wednesday, 03 April 2024 11:59 PM
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This Saturday, Don Lemon and his longtime partner, Tim Malone, will legally unite in matrimony.

The ceremony, set to take place at the Polo Bar, will see the couple exchange vows and become husband and husband.

Malone, a handsome figure in the real estate industry, and the even more striking Lemon had previously postponed their nuptials due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lemon, 58, and Malone, 39, have been engaged since 2019. The wedding will be a small affair, a result of recent events, including Lemon's departure from CNN and a fallout with Elon Musk, which have led to a reduction in his circle of friends. Among the attendees will be the top boss of UTA, while Chris Licht should not anticipate an invitation.

Lemon, who joined CNN in 2006 and departed in 2023, now operates a YouTube page with 64,000 subscribers. YouTube awards a plaque to creators who amass one million subscribers. As for wedding gifts, with both gentlemen seemingly having everything, it remains unclear what would be appropriate. Perhaps a contract?