Boardwalk Empire Star ATTACKED In NYC, Homeless Man Wanted For Crime

By Alan Hume | Tuesday, 02 April 2024 12:00 PM
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Actor Michael Stuhlbarg was caught on camera pursuing a homeless man who reportedly assaulted him with a rock in the vicinity of Central Park during the weekend.

According to surveillance footage acquired by The Post, the star of "Boardwalk Empire" was seen chasing after his alleged attacker, identified as Xavier Israel, 27, as he fled along the sidewalk while Stuhlbarg ran in a nearby bike lane.

The incident occurred as Stuhlbarg, 55, prepares to grace the Broadway stage for the premiere of his upcoming production "Patriots." The assault took place on Sunday evening near East 90th and East Drive, resulting in Stuhlbarg sustaining a neck abrasion from the rock thrown by Israel.

Xavier Israel, known to be homeless, has a history of arrests for two assaults and a robbery, all occurring in January 2022, as per reports from law enforcement and informants cited by The Post.

Notably, this attack on Stuhlbarg unfolded less than 2 miles away from the fictional demise of his "Boardwalk Empire" character, Arnold Rothstein, who was famously shot in the acclaimed HBO series.