Massachusetts Hotel Sued By City For Spending Taxpayer's Dollars On THIS...

By Javier Sanchez | Sunday, 24 March 2024 08:30 PM
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The city of Taunton, Massachusetts, under Republican leadership, has initiated a lawsuit against the Clarion Hotel, the city's only lodging establishment.

The lawsuit, which seeks $155,000 in damages, alleges that the hotel is accommodating an excessive number of undocumented immigrants, exceeding its capacity, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The Clarion Hotel recently entered into a nine-year agreement with the state, governed by Democrats, to serve as an emergency shelter for undocumented immigrants. The hotel, which has 155 rooms, is expected to accommodate 450 undocumented immigrants.

The city of Taunton, with a population of 60,000, anticipates that this arrangement will negatively impact local businesses. Residents argue that the nearest alternative accommodation is located in the neighboring city of Raynham.

Mayor Shauna O'Connell, a Republican, voiced her concerns to NBC News, citing limited city resources and complaints from residents about the scarcity of hotels, overcrowded schools, and increased loitering.


Mayor O'Connell detailed that the city was initially asked to accommodate 18 families of undocumented immigrants at the Clarion Hotel. However, this number rapidly escalated. "Shortly thereafter, the entire hotel was occupied by more than a hundred families and ceased operating as a hotel," O'Connell stated. "Within a couple of months, the hotel had converted entirely to an emergency shelter and housed approximately 445 people at any given time."


The Clarion Hotel's maximum capacity is 360 individuals. The city has begun imposing fines for exceeding this limit. Between May and September 2023, the hotel has accrued $114,600 in fines, according to WVCB.

In a statement, the city expressed its sympathy for migrants fleeing unstable conditions but emphasized its limited resources. The statement highlighted the city's responsibility towards its residents, including seniors and veterans, who also require services and housing.

The Fall River Reporter noted an uptick in 911 calls from the hotel since the arrival of the undocumented immigrants. These calls include reports of domestic disturbances, overdoses, and mental health crises.