Ouch! Did Keith Olbermann Really Just Say That?

By Greg Moriarty | Wednesday, 20 March 2024 09:30 AM
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Over the weekend, Keith Olbermann, in response to a post from the Biden-Harris HQ comparing Donald Trump's treatment to that of Abraham Lincoln, made a controversial statement.

Olbermann wrote, "There's always the hope." Despite facing backlash and eventually deleting the post, Olbermann attempted to clarify his words, expressing a desire for an unpleasant fate for Trump.

Olbermann stated, "The RT clearly shows I'm hoping Trump's right, that he IS treated worse than Lincoln. As I've said for 9 years: THAT HE'S CONVICTED, THEN DIES IN PRISON." Meanwhile, Trump claimed to be the most persecuted president in history, citing Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln as examples. He emphasized the challenges he faced during and after his presidency.

In response to these remarks, one user, self-identified as "America's Best Christian," interpreted them as prophetic rather than historical. Others echoed Olbermann's sentiment, with one user adding a smirking face emoji to signify agreement.


While some users defended the former President, noting failed attempts on his life, the exchange highlighted the ongoing polarization in political discourse. The incident serves as a reminder of the deep divisions and strong emotions that continue to characterize discussions surrounding Trump's presidency and legacy.