Good Samaritan Foils Bank Robbery: Massachusetts Authorities Praise Brave Bystander's Quick Action

By Greg Moriarty | Friday, 01 March 2024 12:00 PM
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A courageous bystander in Boston, Massachusetts, is being commended by authorities for aiding in the apprehension of a bank robbery suspect.

The Boston Police Department announced the arrest of Miriam Dealmeida, 38, of Boston, in connection with a robbery at a bank on Southampton St. The arrest took place at 11:18 a.m. following the vigilant actions of the bystander.

According to the Boston police statement released on Thursday, Dealmeida was captured after the bystander recognized her as matching the suspect's description, pursued her, restrained her, and alerted law enforcement officers. The police described the suspect as a white female, about 5 feet tall, wearing a black thin hoodie with the hood covering her head, blue jeans, and a white disposable surgical mask.


The bystander, who was traveling towards Andrew Station, noticed Dealmeida fleeing the bank's parking lot and pursued her, eventually detaining her on Father Songin Way. A distinctive observation made by the bystander was "red smoke emitting from her hooded sweatshirt pocket," as reported by the police.


Dealmeida has been charged with unarmed bank robbery and is under suspicion for another bank robbery earlier that day at East West Bank on Kneeland St. Further charges are expected. She is scheduled to appear for arraignment at South Boston District Court, as per police statements.