Secret Exodus: New York's Covert Transfer Of Migrants To THIS State

By Alan Hume | Wednesday, 21 February 2024 05:15 AM
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During his monthly news conference, Utah Governor Spencer Cox was questioned by Telemundo reporter Veronica Sansur regarding the transportation of illegal immigrants from New York shelters to Utah.

Sansur inquired, "What are your thoughts about migrants coming to our state... Are you concerned about the crisis of immigration here in our state? We know that there's some migrants that arrived here from New York City shelter this week."

Sansur further pressed, "They actually told us that the shelter paid for their plane ticket. Are you aware of this and is this a concern?"

Governor Cox addressed the issue by expressing apprehension about the implications of mass immigration in Utah and highlighted the involvement of cartels in facilitating the movement of individuals across borders.


While Cox acknowledged concerns about immigration, he did not elaborate on the specific reasons behind the transportation of illegal immigrants from New York City to Utah.

New York City, under Mayor Eric Adams, has grappled with the challenges posed by the influx of migrants, with Adams stating, "Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not." He emphasized the city's historical embrace of immigrants but underscored the limitations in accommodating a global issue at the local level.

Instances of illegal immigrants being flown to sanctuary states like Utah from the border have been reported, raising questions about the extent of coordination and support provided to address the ongoing immigration crisis.