'The View' Hosts Weigh In On Trump Vs. Biden Showdown, Fearing Legitimization And Flubs

By Maria Angelino | Tuesday, 20 February 2024 11:59 PM
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The hosts of "The View" engaged in a discussion on Monday expressing their concerns about the prospect of a debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, fearing that it could potentially "legitimize" Trump and that Biden might make mistakes during the debate.

Sunny Hostin shared her view that Trump did not deserve such a platform for a debate, while Joy Behar expressed her apprehension about Biden potentially making errors if a debate were to take place. Behar emphasized the discrepancy in consequences, stating, "If Biden flubs, they'll be all over him. If Trump flubs, who cares?"

In contrast, Alyssa Griffin disagreed with her co-hosts, asserting that it was essential for Trump to face Biden in a debate and for Biden to highlight Trump's unsuitability. Griffin underscored the significance of witnessing such a debate, deeming it crucial for democracy.


The segment commenced with a clip of Trump advocating for immediate debates on the Dan Bongino Show, stating, "We should debate for the good of the country." Subsequently, a clip of Biden responding to reporters at a frozen yogurt stand about a potential debate with Trump was played, where Biden quipped, "I'd want to debate me too if I had nothing else to do," while exhibiting speech irregularities.

The overarching theme of the segment revolved around the hosts' contemplation on how a debate between the two leading candidates would impact voters, particularly in light of the upcoming President's Day celebrations.