President Biden's Ancestral Connection To President Lincoln's Pardon Revealed In National Archives

By Javier Sanchez | Tuesday, 20 February 2024 04:30 PM
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Newly uncovered documents in the National Archives reveal that President Biden's great-great-grandfather was granted a pardon by President Lincoln.

The incident, involving Biden's relative Moses J. Robinette, occurred during the Civil War on March 12, 1864, near Beverly Ford, Virginia, as reported by The Washington Post.

According to the documents, Robinette was involved in a altercation with another Union Army civilian employee, John J. Alexander, which resulted in Alexander sustaining knife wounds. Robinette was subsequently charged with attempted murder and imprisoned near Florida.

In a plea to President Lincoln, three of Robinette's friends, who were U.S. Army officers, argued that the sentence was excessive, stating that Robinette was acting in self-defense and under the heat of the moment. They emphasized Robinette's loyalty to the Union cause and his opposition to those seeking to undermine the government.


The petition, which highlighted the impact on Robinette's family, particularly his motherless children, made its way to Lincoln through West Virginia Sen. Waitman T. Willey. After reviewing the case, Lincoln granted Robinette a pardon on September 1, 1864, as documented by The Washington Post.

Despite these revelations, the White House has not yet addressed inquiries from Fox News Digital regarding President Biden's knowledge of this familial episode. Robinette, the beneficiary of Lincoln's clemency, lived on until 1903.