Immigrant CEO Seizes Moment: Wins Trump's Gold 'Never Surrender' Sneakers At Philadelphia Sneaker Con

By Lisa Pelgin | Tuesday, 20 February 2024 01:45 AM
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An immigrant entrepreneur, Roman Sharf, CEO and founder of Luxury Bazaar, successfully secured a pair of former President Donald Trump's autographed gold 'Never Surrender' high top sneakers at the recent Philadelphia "Sneaker Con" event.

Sharf, who migrated to the United States from the Soviet Union at the age of 13, placed a winning bid of $9,000 for the exclusive footwear adorned with the American flag and Trump's personal signature.

In a video shared on social media, Sharf expressed his excitement, stating, "Mr. President, I’m the one that won your signed sneakers here at Sneaker Con. in Philadelphia. It was very very — extremely happy to see you, see your face, see you speak to the crowd. Hopefully we’re going to have a winning celebration come this November. I will be wearing these one-of-one Donald Trump-signed sneakers. You’re the only president I recognized the last four years, Donald J. Trump."

The gold sneakers, part of Trump's new sneaker line, were released at the Philadelphia Convention Center for $399 per pair. Limited to just 1,000 pairs, the collection reportedly sold out in under two hours following its launch, as reported by the New York Post. This release coincided with a $355 million fine imposed on Trump by a New York judge for alleged financial misconduct during his business endeavors in the state.