MAJOR Security Breach: Woman Boards Domestic Flight WITHOUT Boarding Pass Or ID

By Lisa Pelgin | Sunday, 18 February 2024 08:30 PM
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A recent incident has brought airline security into question, as a woman managed to board a domestic flight from Tennessee to California without a boarding pass.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has acknowledged the breach, stating that the traveler underwent physical screening at Nashville International Airport before boarding the flight on February 7th.

According to a TSA spokesperson speaking to USA Today, "TSA is reviewing the circumstances of this matter but can confirm that the traveler in question was physically screened, along with their carry-on items, without incident at the Nashville International Airport security checkpoint before boarding the flight." The TSA is collaborating with law enforcement in their investigation.

The woman, who remains unidentified, reportedly passed through the security checkpoint and boarded the American Airlines flight to Los Angeles without presenting an ID or ticket at the gate. Despite the breach, she disembarked without issue upon arrival in Los Angeles, where she was met by law enforcement for questioning.


The FBI has also weighed in on the incident, confirming that the woman was detained for questioning. In an email statement, the FBI mentioned, "A woman in question was detained for questioning, and our investigation is ongoing. No one has been charged at this time." The investigation into this security lapse continues as authorities work to determine how such a breach could have occurred.