Get The Details Of Biden's 6-Minute Visit To East Palestine (Yes, You Read That Right)

By Alan Hume | Sunday, 18 February 2024 09:30 AM
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President Biden made a poignant visit to East Palestine on Friday, marking his first return to the town since the tragic train derailment that occurred over a year ago.

Despite the brevity of his address, lasting a mere 6 minutes, Biden's words carried weight as he assured the community of ongoing support and assistance.

In his speech, Biden emphasized the swift response of his administration following the disaster, stating, "We were on the ground within hours working closely with the governor, the mayor, the Senators, House members, community leaders, to make sure you have everything you need." He commended the relentless efforts undertaken in East Palestine post-derailment, acknowledging that there is still work to be done.

Addressing the issue of accountability, Biden vowed to hold Norfolk Southern responsible for the damages incurred by the community, asserting, "I want to continue to hold Norfolk Southern accountable, and make sure they make your community whole now and in the future, and what they do not make whole, what they cannot make whole ... the government will make whole."


Furthermore, Biden condemned the preventable nature of the tragedy, attributing it to "an act of greed." He announced the allocation of six National Institute of Health grants to investigate the long-term repercussions of the incident, which left a lingering black cloud of smoke over the town.


Expressing his endorsement for bipartisan rail safety measures and tax reforms, Biden advocated for fair compensation for those affected by the disaster. Despite his visit being met with skepticism by some residents, who displayed pro-Trump sentiments, Biden's commitment to aiding East Palestine remained resolute. It is worth noting that former President Trump's prompt visit post-incident had earned him an endorsement from Mayor Trent R. Conaway.