Trump Issues Blatant Warning To Businesses Outside Court House

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 08 December 2023 20:30
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In a press conference held outside the Manhattan court room where the civil trial initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James is currently underway, Donald Trump, the leading contender for the 2024 GOP nomination, expressed concern over the potential ramifications of the case on businesses in New York City and the state.

Trump asserted that this trial would deter businesses from operating in the area in the future.

According to Trump, "businesses are watching" and as a result of this civil case, "no business will go back into New York, no business will frankly stay in New York." He further characterized the legal proceedings as a "Marxist form of trying to steal your business."

Trump went on to criticize the trial, labeling it as the "weaponization of justice" and an unprecedented occurrence. He claimed that this level of interference in the legal system amounted to "election interference," and lamented the fact that he was currently in a court house instead of being in Iowa, where he believed he should be, given his substantial lead in the polls.


Referring to an expert witness in the trial, Trump stated that there was no evidence of fraud or accounting irregularities. He dismissed the trial as a "political witch hunt" with the intention of influencing an election. Trump also alleged that the origins of the case extended beyond the state level, asserting that it was orchestrated from the White House.