Trump's Electrifying Rally In Iowa: Pokes At Biden And Promises To Make America Great Again

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 03 December 2023 20:30
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Former President Donald Trump, during a visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ahead of the Republican Iowa caucuses slated for January 15, expressed his confidence in winning the 2024 election against President Joe Biden.

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd, Trump declared, “We are going to crush crooked Joe Biden next November and we are going to very simply make America great again.”

Trump's confidence comes amid declining approval ratings for Biden. Recent polls indicate that Trump is outperforming Biden in several swing states and on key issues. As reported by The Gateway Pundit in November, Trump has been leading in these critical states.

Trump also criticized Biden for allegedly weaponizing the Justice Department against political rivals, a claim he substantiated by citing his own legal troubles. He referred to the indictment by Jack Smith, a figure he associated with the so-called Deep State, on 37 federal counts in Miami in June. Smith later added three more charges related to an investigation into classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago in August. In September, Trump faced four more counts in Smith's January 6 case in Washington, D.C.


“Before crooked Joe, no President in history ever weaponized the full force of the Justice Department, local attorneys general and district attorneys against American citizens or people running for office,” Trump stated. He further argued, “If they want to run against me, they wouldn’t have indicted me four times and fought like hell to keep me off the ballot.”


Trump also took the opportunity to criticize what he termed as the corrupt political elites, accusing them of undermining the dignity of Americans. “For decades you watched as a corrupt political class in our nation’s capital looted your money, trampled on your dignity and pushed their radical agenda into every aspect of your lives,” he said.