Thanksgiving Silence: Conservative Lawyer L. Lin Wood Details Estrangement From His Children Amid Deep State Battle

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 30 November 2023 08:35
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Conservative lawyer L. Lin Wood expressed his disappointment that yet another Thanksgiving had passed without receiving a call from any of his children.

Wood, who hails from Georgia, faced sanctions for his involvement in a lawsuit challenging Donald Trump's loss in the 2020 election. He revealed that it was during this time that he last heard from any of his four adult children.

In a post on his Telegram channel, Wood shared, "Tomorrow will mark the 4th Thanksgiving beginning in 2020 that I have not heard from any of my 4 children (from 3 different marriages). Tomorrow is also my youngest son Charlie's 35th birthday. I have not heard from him on his birthday in 4 years beginning in 2020."

Rather than taking responsibility for the estrangement, Wood placed the blame on external adversaries, stating, "What evil explains the last 4 years??? The devil and his minions on earth. The deep state and its operatives."

Wood expressed his hope that God would intervene and "cut down" his deep state enemies, but he also placed his trust in Trump to accomplish this task first. He confidently declared, "Their time is coming. I just have to wait on the LORD and trust the LORD. And I also look forward to the day when President Trump OBLITERATES the Deep State. I believe he is in the process of OBLITERATING the Deep State right now."


Wood's remarks highlight the strained relationship he shares with his children, which he attributes to the tumultuous events of the past few years. Despite the absence of communication, Wood remains steadfast in his faith and his belief in Trump's ability to dismantle what he perceives as a corrupt deep state.