Knife-Wielding Son's Shocking Midtown Manhattan Drama: A Heroic Dog Walker's 911 Call Saves Mother's Life

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 28 November 2023 02:45
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A man armed with a knife was apprehended in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday morning after attempting to forcefully drag his own mother to a nearby ATM while making threats to end her life, according to sources and witnesses.

The incident unfolded on West 43rd Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, where a dog walker witnessed the disturbing scene and promptly dialed 911.

Eyewitness Hannah Canerday recounted the harrowing encounter, stating, "He had her by the back of the hair, pushing her. She was trying to resist, but I asked if everything was okay because I didn't see that he had a knife."

Canerday continued, "Then he said 'stop talking' and said he was going to kill her. Then I saw the knife when they walked past me, so I waved someone a little further down that something was going on and then I called 911."

Law enforcement sources revealed that two police officers sustained injuries during the man's arrest. One officer was slashed in the hand while disarming the suspect, while the other suffered a knee injury.


Photographs taken at the scene depict the suspect, clad in a peculiar red and blue bodysuit reminiscent of a jester's attire, handcuffed and being placed onto a stretcher before being transported to a nearby ambulance. Meanwhile, a woman, presumably the victim, can be seen engaged in conversation with a police officer.

According to witnesses, the suspect emerged from a building, gripping his mother's hair tightly, and began shouting at bewildered onlookers to keep their distance. "Don't come near me!" he allegedly yelled. "I'm going to kill her."