Squatters, Cocaine Cookies, And A Fatal Shooting: How A Routine Traffic Stop Led To The Capture Of 'On The Run' Florida Man

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 18 September 2023 15:20
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In a recent development, a Florida man, who had been evading law enforcement after allegedly committing a murder in a squatter-occupied residence, was apprehended following a routine traffic stop, as per police records.

The Miami police were called to a vacant property in the city's northeast last Sunday, where they found Lamont Ferguson, a victim of a fatal shooting, as reported by NBC Miami. The property is owned by Maria Escandell, a local immigration attorney. While she was in the process of renovating the house, it was allegedly seized by squatters.

Escandell informed the media outlet, "Someone broke into the house, they changed the locks and they stayed there like they owned the property. We called the police, we made a report and the police told us not to do anything, to stay away from the property because they need to investigate."

From Sunday to Wednesday, local law enforcement investigated the shooting and pursued the offender. The case saw a breakthrough when a routine traffic stop for an expired license plate led to the arrest of the suspect, as reported by NBC Miami.

The driver, 45-year-old Larry March, was reportedly restless during the stop, leading to the discovery of "cocaine cookies," a machete, and a firearm in his vehicle.


While March was in custody, his girlfriend, who wished to remain anonymous, informed the police that she had been kidnapped by March, who she claimed was responsible for Ferguson's murder the previous Sunday.

The woman disclosed to the prosecutors that March had become enraged on Wednesday when he saw her texting others, including a coworker. A state attorney described the allegations in court, stating, "He wants to look through her phone. And then he became agitated after seeing text messages from other people and then he starts attacking her. She’s scared for her life. Pulls out a gun, waves the gun at her direction, says 'tell me the truth.'"


March allegedly assaulted her and forced her into his car. She managed to escape just hours before his traffic stop, as per the allegations.

The girlfriend also claimed that she was present in the squatter-occupied house on the day March allegedly murdered Ferguson. She reported that March shot Ferguson four to five times before they fled the scene, as reported by NBC Miami.

The police confirmed that the firearm recovered from March's vehicle matched the one used to shoot Ferguson.

March was denied bail and faces charges of kidnapping, battery, drug possession, and second-degree murder.