Biden Administration Unveils New LGBTQI+ Rights Measures, Including Department Of Education Role To Safeguard Against 'Book Bans'

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 09 June 2023 09:30
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The Biden administration has unveiled a new set of measures to safeguard the rights and safety of LGBTQI+ communities across the United States.

The measures include the creation of a new position within the Department of Education that will oversee "book bans." The White House has vowed to crack down on "efforts that disproportionately strip books about LGBTQI+ communities, communities of color, and other communities off of library and classroom shelves."

The coordinator is expected to "work to provide new trainings for schools nationwide on how book bans that target specific communities and create a hostile school environment may violate federal civil rights laws."

The measures announced by the Biden administration focus heavily on "LGBTQI+ kids," promoting actions addressing mental health and "helping families to affirm and support their LGBTQI+ child." The administration claims that laws passed in certain states "violate our most basic values and freedoms as Americans, and are cruel and callous to our kids," thus, federal action is necessary.

In addition to pushing for sexually explicit literature in schools, the Biden administration also vowed to provide dedicated safety training and increase federal threat briefings for LGBTQI+ community organizations to "protect health care providers who serve the LGBTQI+ community," and support children who identify as LGBTQI+. The Department of Health and Human Services will issue a Behavioral Health Care Advisory on Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and "guidance to states and communities on using federal funding to support mental health services for LGBTQI+ youth."


The term "book ban" has been criticized by many on the right as an unfair characterization of the actions taken by school boards and state governments to prohibit certain materials deemed inappropriate for particular age groups. However, the Biden administration maintains that such bans "violate federal civil rights laws."

The statement released by the Biden administration highlights the alarming rate of suicide attempts among LGBTQI+ youth, with "almost half of LGBTQI+ kids say they seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year." The administration believes that "when LGBTQI+ kids are supported, they thrive."