Wake Up The Woke: Watch Kirk Cameron's New EPIC Video

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 08 June 2023 22:45
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Kirk Cameron, a Hollywood actor, and children's book author, has released a new advertisement criticizing the failed LGBTQ marketing campaigns of Bud Light and Target, which led to nationwide boycotts.

The advertisement was released to promote his new children's book, Pride Comes Before the Fall, published by the Christian book company BRAVE Books. Cameron, famously known for starring in the 90s sitcom Growing Pains, has been touring the country with his children's books steeped in Christian values.

Cameron aims at Bud Light and Target in the advertisement, saying, "Hey Bud Light! I know what happened. It's a rookie mistake. You forgot to read the room." He then offers advice on how to make a commercial that connects with the audience, saying, "Moms and dads of America, you love your kids. You love God. You love this country. And you're tired of watching companies betray your values and ruin great products."

Cameron encourages viewers to invest their time, energy, and money into companies building the country they want for their kids and standing for the values that will lead to their blessing and protection. He mentions explicitly BRAVE Books, which he has partnered with to fight against the progressive agenda dominating children's literature. Cameron has been traveling across the United States hosting "Brave Story Hour" events, a Christian alternative to the controversial Drag Queen Story.


Cameron encourages viewers to invest in companies like BRAVE Books, free of left-wing indoctrination and propaganda. He says, "They are on a mission to create content for kids that is safe for them to enjoy. They have kids books that teach about character, hard work, and the value of being brave. If you join their book of the month club, you get a new book sent to your door every month that will teach your kids pro-God pro-American values."

Cameron concludes the advertisement by saying, "Brave Books will not betray your trust. Your children and your grandchildren will thank you. Remember, the land of the free depends on the homes of the brave." Cameron's advertisement is a call to action for parents concerned about the values promoted in children's literature and who want to invest in companies that share their values.