This Is Biden's America: Asylum-Seeker In NYC Brutally Attacks Hotel Worker After Being Ousted For This

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 07 June 2023 21:45
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According to the New York Post, a New York City hotel worker was brutally attacked on Tuesday by an irate asylum-seeker who bludgeoned him over the head with a “No Parking” sign.

The Roosevelt Hotel on East 45th Street closed for several years, was recently turned into the city’s main “asylum seeker arrival center” by Democratic Mayor Eric Adams. The migrant, who had been kicked out of the hotel for disorderly conduct, attempted to re-enter the building early on Tuesday but was refused entry by a 36-year-old hotel worker familiar with his unruly behavior.

The migrant attempted to join his wife, who also resides at the hotel. Frustrated by the situation, the migrant allegedly waited outside the building for the worker to leave so that he could confront him. When the worker exited the hotel, he noticed the migrant and began running to East 46th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The migrant reportedly chased after the worker and picked up a metal “No Parking” sign belonging to Gotham Hotel, and bashed the worker over the head, police said.

The migrant fled the scene on foot before authorities could detain him. Police are still attempting to track down the suspect. The hotel worker was transported to a nearby hospital and received stitches for his injury. The attack occurred just days after Adams visited the Roosevelt Hotel to receive a tour and meet with migrants residing at the facility.


According to Fabien Levy, Adams’ spokesperson, “The mayor wants to make sure everything is OK – that the migrants are being taken care of — and he wants the staff and volunteers to know that he’s got their back.” Last month, ten asylum-seeking migrants were arrested at the Stewart Hotel in Midtown for assault and disorderly conduct after getting into physical altercations, police reported.