Laptop Repair Shop Owner Won't Be The Last To Be Deposed In Ongoing Delaware Depositions

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 02 June 2023 05:15
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Hunter Biden’s legal team has taken a new step in their aggressive legal strategy by deposing John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman who owned the shop where Biden left his laptop, according to sources familiar with the deposition.

The laptop has been the subject of scrutiny due to documents revealing Biden’s foreign business dealings. Biden’s lawyers argue that while Mac Isaac had rights to the hardware of the computer, the digital contents had not become his property. However, they do not admit that Biden gave his laptop to the repairman.

This deposition comes after Mac Isaac sued CNN, Politico, Biden, and others last year for defamation, to which Biden’s lawyers countersued in March.

The laptop was left at Mac Isaac’s shop in April 2019, and he gave a copy of the laptop hard drive to the FBI in late 2019, as well as to Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and lawyer for former President Trump, who shared the contents with media outlets.

Biden has asked the Justice Department and the Delaware attorney general to investigate how Mac Isaac and Giuliani handled the laptop. Furthermore, Biden’s lawyers have stated that they plan to depose Giuliani, according to the Washington Free Beacon.