Pennsylvania Nurse Charged With Two Counts Of Homicides After Administering "Monster" Doses Of This Drug...

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 28 May 2023 19:25
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A 40-year-old Harrison, Pennsylvania, woman is facing multiple criminal charges for her alleged actions while she was employed as a nurse at rehabilitation and long-term care facilities to care for people dependent on intensive nursing care.

According to a criminal complaint, Heather Pressdee is facing two counts of homicide, three counts of neglect of a care-dependent person and reckless endangerment, and one count of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

These charges stem from severe claims that the woman was administering large insulin doses to patients who didn't need it. One of the individuals was a noninsulin-dependent diabetic, and two patients didn't have diabetes at all. A 73-year-old man survived the insulin administration, but a 55-year-old and 83-year-old died due to the high insulin levels in their bodies.

Pressdee has worked at 11 medical facilities since earning her registered nurse permit in July 2018, according to the criminal complaint against her. It asserts that the woman was fired from or resigned from each job she's held as a nurse. She was disciplined for abusive actions toward staff or patients.

Pressdee, who worked as a vet tech before becoming a licensed nurse, allegedly claims she wanted to put the patients out of their misery. Each patient was entrusted to her care, which should have been provided without question.

Attorney General Michelle Henry notes that the actions were deliberate and a "callous abuse of incredibly vulnerable patients by a professional nurse." She asserts that her office will "zealously pursue justice" for the man who survived and the family members of the two who perished.

Pressdee's nursing license is still active on the Pennsylvania Department of State's website, but it's set to expire at the end of October 2023.