Party Poopers: This Popular New Jersey Beach BANS Any And ALL Alcohol, Right Before Summer Kicks In

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 28 May 2023 23:45
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A Jersey Shore city is preparing ahead of time for the drunken shenanigans that go hand in hand with drinking.

They've suddenly banned all alcoholic beverages on the beach and boardwalk, forcing beach lovers to party elsewhere.

The decision unanimously passed on Thursday. The City of Wildwood is known for attracting crowds for its fantastic firework display in July and impressive beachfront amusement piers that offer hundreds of rides and attractions.

Many people are in awe of the new ban, but the mayor says the ban isn't new. Mayor Pete Byron points out that there have been signs saying that drinking Alcohol isn't allowed. According to Fox News, "'Alcohol of any kind has always been prohibited on the beach and boardwalk.

There is already a sign at every street entrance to the beach. This new ordinance not only prohibits the drinking or open display of alcoholic beverages but also says the mere existence of any alcohol is prohibited,' Byron said in a statement."

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently pointed out the possible penalties. The paper said first-time offenders would likely get asked to remove the Alcohol in question. However, a penalty of a hefty $2000 fine and up to 90 days in jail are also possible.


The city says this is their response to the numerous complaints they receive every summer. As the season drags on, they receive more and more complaints about drinking, people smoking marijuana, and smoking on the beach.

There are a couple of exceptions, though. For example, the bars and restaurants on the beach and boardwalk that already serve Alcohol are still allowed to have it. Those businesses are the only exception to the new rule.

That's one of many ways that the city is responding to complaints. A Beach of Peace order was established to help reduce people riding their bikes after hours on the boardwalk, vandalism, noise, and littering.