Christian Icon's Brave Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer Takes A Devastating Turn

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 21 May 2023 21:45
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Tim Keller is a well-known Christian author.

He founded the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and remains an icon. Unfortunately, the beloved author has been fighting pancreatic cancer. The battle began in 2020, and it's taken a turn for the worse.

His son, Michael Keller, recently took to Twitter to announce that his father now receives hospice care at home. Fox News reports, "'Today, Dad is being discharged from the hospital to receive hospice care at home. Over the past few days, he has asked us to pray with him often. He expressed his desire to go home to be with Jesus many times through prayer,' Michael Keller wrote on his father's Twitter page. 'His family is unfortunate because we all wanted more time, but we know he has very little at this point.'"

The Twitter post continued with the family expressing gratitude to everyone who prayed for Tim Keller. Keller described that he was thankful for his family and for the time he's had with them. However, he said he was ready to go home to see Jesus now.

His battle began in 2020 with a devastating stage four pancreatic cancer diagnosis. After that, there were two years of chemotherapy. As recently as January, Keller participated in an immunotherapy drug trial. The trial killed approximately 99% of the cancer cells, but he wasn't out of the woods.


In March, a Facebook post announced the return of cancer tumors. According to Fox News, "'They are unfortunately in some fairly inconvenient places, so the doctors encouraged us to go through the treatment again, this time targeting a different genetic marker of cancer,' Keller wrote."

In April, he was recovering from cancer treatment. However, his wife requested prayers on Saturday, saying that Keller suffered complications from recent cancer treatment. Now, he's spending time with his family with the time he has left.