Increasing Numbers Of Chinese Migrants At Southern Border Causing Deep Concern

Written By BlabberBuzz | Saturday, 20 May 2023 23:45
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The Biden Administration continues to hide in the basement regarding the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

While the White House buries its heads in the sand, immigration catches more Chinese nationals attempting to cross the southern border than ever before. reports, “The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nationwide Encounters report for April shows an explosion in the number of Chinese migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents this year. In April alone, agents apprehended 3,195 Chinese nationals. This brought the seven-month total of Chinese migrants apprehended in FY23 (which began on October 1, 2022) to 9,753. Of those, CBP reported that 8,207 (84) percent were single adults. Neary 5,200 migrants entered the U.S. in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in southeast Texas.”

While this number is concerning, the situation gets more alarming. According to a source that spoke with Breitbart Texas, many Chinese nationals are of military age and are males. Some nationals crossing or attempting to travel to our southern border pay upwards of $55,000 for someone to smuggle them to America from China. Many enter through the southern border.

Once they are caught, it seems as though they have the same rehearsed response to get asylum in the United States. The standard canned response is that they leave China because of the leadership, harsh policies, and living conditions.


The source that spoke with Breitbart further explains that it can be challenging to speak with immigrants because an interpreter is often necessary, and the process is time-consuming. The large numbers of immigrants make it almost impossible to complete this process with every migrant that crosses the border.

After they are caught, most of them are released. According to Breitbart, there were 9,753 migrants captured. A total of 14 were expelled because of Title 42. The rest were all released into America under Title 8, meaning they will be given a hearing date for an asylum hearing sometime in the future. This hearing date may be months or years down the road.

As tensions near a breaking point worldwide, the last thing the Biden Administration needs to do is continue to ignore this crisis. It could be easy for a modern Trojan Horse to come into America.