Tragedy Strikes: 15 Desperate Migrants Found Gasping For Air In Sealed Shipping Container On Train In Texas, 2 Dead

By Ryan Canady | Monday, 27 March 2023 14:10
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A sealed shipping container on a train in Texas uncovered a horrifying situation.

Two migrants were found dead within the container. Many others were gasping for air.

The Blaze News reports that 10 additional migrants went to the hospital and that 2 perished in this instance. There were a total of 15 migrants in the sealed shipping container, according to the Blaze News reporting.

Daniel Rodriguez, the chief of police for the city of Uvalde, spoke to the New York Times about the situation. He said:

“These individuals, [they] put themselves in so much danger, trying to come over to the U.S.,” and “It’s just tragic that two people have to lose their lives. It’s a tragedy in a town that has seen a lot of tragedy.”

He continued by expressing his view that we need to be doing more to address the immigration issues that exist in the area. He feels that Texas often gets overlooked when it comes to immigration and border crisis issues that are ongoing. He doesn’t think that the problem is getting the respect it deserves, and he wants to see a greater level of urgency from all levels of government on this matter.


The Uvalde Police Department reported:

“Approximately 15 immigrants [were] discovered to [be] in need of immediate medical attention; five of the immigrants [were] flown out to San Antonio area hospitals; five [were] transported to area hospitals,” and “Two of the immigrants were pronounced deceased.”

The police department received a 911 call from an unknown party on Friday saying that many illegal immigrants were suffocating to death inside a shipping container. Footage provided to Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin to Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin showed that medical helicopters arrived in the area to assist the severely injured.


United States Border Patrol also found a train about 2-3 miles east of Knippa, Texas. That train had approximately 15 migrants in it needing immediate medical attention. They addressed this, but it was the latest example of the dangerous situation many migrants encountered when they attempted to enter the United States.

Uvalde’s Mayor McLaughlin told Texas Public Radio that the train sat in the hot sun for more than 3 hours before first responders could reach it, creating hazardous conditions within the train that could have easily killed others.