Colorado Town Under Fire For 'Abuse of Power' In Controversial Gas Station Ban Proposal

By Ryan Canady | Sunday, 26 March 2023 05:15
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One suburb of Denver has voted to limit the number of gas stations built in the community.

JustTheNews reports that the City Council in the area voted to limit the number of gas stations constructed in the community to limit global warming issues.

The Louisville City Council voted unanimously in favor of a 2022 ordinance limiting the number of gas stations in the community only about 30 miles north of Denver. The ordinance would only allow six gas stations in the community. There is just one exception to Sam’s Club and Costco facilities, which also want gas stations on their property. That is permitted via this ordinance to help people in the community to be able to still get their gas at a Costco or Sam’s Club facility.

A report for the ordinance states that the City Council is taking up this ordinance because it states that caps on gas stations “is a growing trend for local municipalities due to health and environmental concerns with the continued use of gasoline-powered vehicles and equipment.”

The ordinance also states that “bans may also be seen as promoting the use of electric vehicles.”


The proposal also indicates that it is the case that gasoline is still required to help power electric vehicles. It reads:

“The proposal for a cap but not a full ban on new gasoline and automobile service stations is in recognition that there will continue to be some demand for gasoline and automobile service stations as more EVs enter the market and gasoline vehicles are transitioned out of the market over time.”


The community is practicing what is known as virtue signaling in this case. This is the process of doing something to indicate where you stand on an issue without doing anything that will work toward helping the problem of climate change. So many communities in the area and throughout the country have engaged in this kind of thing over the years. There is nowhere to hide when you are trying to get away from those who want to signal their virtues more and more about global warming and so much more. This is just the latest disgusting example of something like that happening. This is something that will hopefully be reversed soon.