Why Have Armed Russian Jets Flown Over U.S. Base In Syria EVERY SINGLE DAY This Month?

By Ryan Canady | Saturday, 25 March 2023 21:45
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There has been yet another round of provocation from Russians in recent days, as Russian jets have flown over U.S. bases in Syria every day for the last three weeks.

The Daily Mail reports that this is concerning and that it could lead to an escalation of tensions between the two countries yet again. This tension has already been happening between the two, but now it seems things will get even worse.

NBC News reports that Russian Su-34 jets, possibly equipped with missiles, flew over the At Tanf Garrison virtually every day in March. This base is in Syria and operated by the United States military, and it is considered a provocation that the Russians are flying jets over this area. It is certainly something that people in the military-industrial complex are highly concerned about as they look at the situation unfolding between the Russians and the United States.

Lt. Gen. Grynewich said violating the four-year-old agreement between Russia and the United States about Syrian military airspace could escalate tensions between the two countries.

Grynewich said the following about these recent flights:


“They’re regularly flying directly overhead of our units, and I’ve defined directly overhead as within about a mile, no more than a mile offset one side or the other, while we’ve got forces right there on the ground at ATG.”

He continued by saying, “So it’s an uncomfortable situation.”

This situation comes when Russia has been provoking the United States recently. A recent incident occurred when a Russian jet collided with a U.S. drone over the Black Sea.


Instead of recognizing the situation and perhaps apologizing, Russian leaders have stated that they don’t recognize the area over the Syrian base as U.S. airspace. They don’t want to bother dealing with the United States in these situations. They want to pretend that agreements made between the two countries in the past don’t have any bearing on the future now.

The Daily Mail reports that as of March 23, 2023, the Russian jets flying overhead did not directly impact U.S. ground troops in Syria, but that is not a guarantee moving forward, and it could make things very concerning.