Library Director Fired After Disruptive Event With Kirk Cameron Leads To Outrage And Bomb Threats

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 24 March 2023 05:15
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The Sumner County Library Board has voted to terminate their library director, Allan Morales, in a 4-3 decision, after his and his staff’s conduct during a February stop on Kirk Cameron's Freedom Tour.

Mayor John Isbell confirmed to the Tennessean that the decision to fire Morales was related to the event. The February 25 event, held in collaboration with Brave Books, was held at the Hendersonville Library and included former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines and Missy Robertson of "Duck Dynasty." On Facebook, Cameron praised the event despite the "unkind pushback" from one librarian.

In emails obtained by the Tennessean, Morales was seen expressing concerns over the size of the event. He wrote in a February 22 email to a Brave Books representative that the invitation to read a book was sincere but that the library guards story time for small children, not adults. Discussions were had about moving the event to a nearby church. Following his firing, Morales told the Tennessean he wanted the community to move on and chose not to give his side of the story.


The incident was caught on video, where Gaines was seen confronting library staff members as loud bangs were heard in the background. "This is just immature, and it’s honestly just really disrespectful," she said. "Like, you guys are old enough to know that that is, like, extremely disrespectful." She asked for 60 more seconds, which she said would be made quicker if they weren't "slamming books and stomping our feet."


According to the Daily Mail, when Cameron and company went to film a promotional video in the library before the public was allowed inside, Morales and staff members started talking loudly, banging cabinets, and playing music.

Hendersonville police charged Mark Frakl of Connecticut with making a false bomb threat and harassment after he allegedly sent 14 emails during a short period of time referencing death and blowing up the library building. He will be extradited to Sumner County.