Failing New Orleans: Here’s The ‘REASON’ Why The Mayor Survived A Recall Attempt AGAIN

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 24 March 2023 09:30
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Many are trying to recall the Mayor as New Orleans continues to go downhill.

However, the attempts to recall Mayor Cantrell have failed. The petition is 18,000 signatures short because most of them are declared invalid.

Fox News reports, “Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said Tuesday, following an official count of petition signatures, that only 27,243 signatures of the more than 67,000 on the petition sheets were valid.”

Cantrell released a statement following the decision. She said that her office and campaign have continuously focused on pressing issues for New Orleans. She stressed that it was time for everyone to work together. According to Fox News, her campaign manager said, “The recall campaign has been divisive, dishonest, and opaque. It’s time for New Orleanians to better our city in the way we do best – by coming together.”

The recall efforts started in August 2022, when she was in her position for less than one year. Many were hopeful because LaToya Cantrell was the first woman to hold the office. However, now the city feels like she has failed them. The recall campaign said they had several obstacles to overcome and then put Mayor Cantrell on blast for interfering with the process. According to WDSU, the campaign said, “During the process, The Advocate stifled the effort by demanding the release of the names of the people who signed and then attempted to embarrass elected officials who dared to sign.”


The Mayor says that Republicans lead this. However, there are quite a few things that could be improved. Opponents of Cantrell say that the city is being destroyed. The city council has re-opened an investigation regarding the use of public funds. There are allegations that public funds were used to send a mailer to residents that boasted of the Mayor’s accomplishments. While the Mayor attempts to put the recall efforts behind the city, the Recall Campaign said this is just the beginning. They are not going to back down.