Video Gone Viral: Black Man On NYC Subway Targets White Family With 'Dehumanizing Screeds,' Sparks OUTRAGE On Twitter (WATCH)

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 23 March 2023 02:15
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A disturbing video has recently surfaced of a racist man hurling insults at a young boy and his family in a subway car.

The man, a black male featured in other viral videos featuring similar hateful rhetoric, targeted the child, calling him a "nasty a**, mutated ... white monkey," and then proclaiming, "You're a dog in this country!" The boy's father was ready to confront the bigot, but was stopped by his wife. Despite her attempts to calm the situation, the man continued his tirade, shouting that the boy was "nothing over here" and that he, the bigot, was a "black American!"

This incident echoes the anti-white sentiment articulated by Nikole Hannah-Jones of "The 1619 Project" in a letter to her college paper. Similarly, Joel Berry, managing editor of the Babylon Bee, noted the connection to the authors of "White Fragility" and "How to Be Antiracist," Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. DiAngelo, a white affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington, has argued that "White identity is inherently racist," and recently called for people of color to "get away from White people." Berry added, "This is black empowerment. So inspiring. Great job everyone. ... The racist Left tells black Americans that their self-degradation is empowering. A massively cruel psyop."


Additionally, Kendi has proposed that the only way to confront racism is through "anti-racist discrimination," an idea that has been echoed by The Huffington Post's former culture writer.

The video has sparked debate among commentators, some of whom have noted that if the roles were reversed and the bigot was white, there would have been more widespread outrage. Chicks On The Right appeared to agree, tweeting, "Disgusting. You know what creates more of this? CRT. Pitting 'oppressors' against 'oppressed.' None of it's real. It's DiAngelo, Kendi, Nikole Hannah Jones, Sharpton-manufactured divisiveness. And the more legitimacy it's given, the more of this will result."