Tension Flares During White House Press Briefing: Reporter Berates Jean-Pierre With Ted Lasso Cast Looking On...(Video)

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 21 March 2023 20:30
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At Monday's White House press briefing, chaos erupted when Today News Africa Chief White House Correspondent Simon Ateba accused Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of "making a mockery of the First Amendment.

As the cast of "Ted Lasso" stood silently behind Jean-Pierre, Ateba ranted about the White House's alleged discrimination against him and other reporters. Despite attempts by the press corps to calm him down, Ateba refused to back down until various press corps members spoke out against him. Ateba claimed he didn’t get to ask a question in seven months. "This is not China. This is not Russia. What you are doing you’re making a mockery of the First Amendment."

Jean-Pierre later commented on the incident, expressing her desire for "decorum" in the historic White House press briefing room. AP reporter Zeke Miller also offered an apology on behalf of the press corps for Ateba's behavior. The incident has highlighted the increasingly tense relationship between Ateba and Jean-Pierre, who has declined to meet with Ateba since December 2022.

According to Jean-Pierre, the press briefing room should be a place of respect for both journalists and guests. "This is the White House press briefing room. A historic room. A room that should have decorum. A room where folks should respect their colleagues and respect the guests that are here," she said. "I understand that there’s going to be give and take."

As reported by Fox News’ Ashley Carnahan, the chaotic scene between Ateba and Jean-Pierre serves as a reminder that the White House press briefing room should be an environment of mutual respect between reporters and press secretaries.