Trans Male Runner Awarded 8th Place In Women's Track And Field Championship (Video)

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 21 March 2023 15:45
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At the Italian Indoor Masters Championship in Ancona on March 12, a biological male, Valentina Petrillo, achieved a personal milestone, winning an eighth women’s championship title in track and field.

According to statistician Marco Alciator, who witnessed the 200m race for women ages 50 to 54, the difference in physicality between Petrillo and the four female athletes was immediately apparent. At the finish, Alciator noted cheers of "Brave Cristina" from the crowd, followed by applause, which angered Petrillo. Had Petrillo competed in the men’s division, Alciator estimated he would have placed 14th, more than two seconds behind the winner.

Cristina Sanulli, the second-place finisher, recounted to Alciator that she was pleased with her run and that Petrillo had broken the record she would have set. Sanulli commented that the difference in physicality between Petrillo and the other athletes made them feel discriminated against.

Before transitioning, Petrillo had won no titles. Now, Petrillo has won gold in the 100m, 200m, and 400m events at the Italian Paralympic Games and is on track to become the first openly transgender woman to compete at the 2024 Paralympic Games. According to the BBC, Petrillo expressed her joy, saying, "I'm happy as a woman and running as a woman is all I want. I couldn't ask for more."

In response to Petrillo participating in the women’s division, RadFem Italia contacted government officials to ensure that Petrillo was barred from the women’s locker rooms. Petrillo was instead given a dedicated changing room, which they were reportedly unhappy with, citing it as reminiscent of segregating those with a plague.