Deadly Spring Break in Miami Beach Leads to City-Wide Curfew

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 22 March 2023 12:00
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Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber clarifies that he’s not a huge fan of Spring Break and doesn’t want Spring Break in Miami.

He recently declared a state of emergency and imposed a one-week curfew in response to a violent weekend.

According to, “On Friday night, a man died, and another man was injured in a shooting in South Beach. There was another deadly shooting in Miami Beach early Sunday morning. The city will hold a special commission meeting today at 4 PM to discuss further restrictions.”

The mayor said that large crowds and numerous firearms had created the situation. This has happened despite plenty of activities that are supposed to help keep people occupied and entertained. Gelber declared that Spring Break is too hard to maintain and gets too unruly for them to police. He says he hasn’t asked for Spring Break to come to Miami and doesn’t want it.


This isn’t the first year there has been violence in Miami. Last year, a curfew was imposed after a couple of shootings. In previous years, hundreds of guns have been confiscated alongside numerous arrests.

Gelber says that this type of behavior can’t be left unchecked. This year, they had more police presence, but it didn’t seem to matter. Under the new curfew, residents will need to leave businesses by midnight. Restaurants can only be open for delivery, and hotels may stay open later.

Spring Break in Miami is known for being crazy, but this year is expected to be even more so. Crowds were huge last year because of the lax COVID restrictions, but this is the first year that many can enjoy Spring Break like they used to. It’s the first Spring Break since COVID, so it’s good that Miami Beach is taking action at the first signs of violence.