WATCH: Fiery Clash Erupts As Elizabeth Warren Accuses Fed Chair Of Taking A "Flamethrower" To Banking Regulations

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 22 March 2023 12:00
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Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, is attacking the Fed and former President Donald Trump.

According to her, it’s their fault that banks have collapsed. You won’t believe what she had to say about the situation.

Fox News reports, “‘Jerome Powell just took a flamethrower to the regulations, weakened them, weakened them, weakened dozens of the regulations, and then the CEOs of the banks did exactly what we expected. They loaded up on risk that boosted their short-term profits, gave themselves huge bonuses and salaries, and exploded their banks,’ Warren said.”

After spewing crap about the Fed, she went in on President Trump. According to Warren, he put in bank regulators that were too light on regulations for banks, setting the stage for the current situation.

This comes after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on March 10. It’s being blasted as the second-largest bank failure in the United States, which has many people concerned.


The conversation between NBC’s Chuck Todd and Elizabeth Warran continued. He asked if she was worried about the banking system collapsing. She didn’t give a straight answer, though. Instead, she said that it was obvious that regulators were asleep while this was happening. Warren continued to say that you have to worry about how much risk is involved with the banks. Warren went on to state that she thinks they should fire Jay Powell. She feels that Powell is supposed to control monetary policy and regulations, and he’s failed miserably. Elizabeth Warren believes that this is all Powell’s fault.

She insists that there should be an independent investigation that doesn’t involve Powell. Instead, Warren says that the vice chair should handle things.

It’s easy for Democrats like Warren to say everything is Trump’s fault and the Feds, but they quickly skip over everything the Biden administration does.