WATCH: In Her MSNBC Show Debut, Jen Psaki Tries To Clarify What "Wokeism" Actually Is...

Written By BlabberBuzz | Monday, 20 March 2023 16:30
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Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki criticized the Republican Party's use of the term "woke" in the debut episode of her MSNBC show, "Inside with Jen Psaki," on Sunday.

In a tweet announcing the show, she wrote she had "a few things to get off my chest about the GOP war on wokewokeism.".

During the show, Psaki argued that the term "woke" does not carry the same meaning for most people as it does for Republicans. "For Republicans, wokeness is Public Enemy number one," she said. "By the sound of it, there is simply no greater threat to American liberty, whether or not they actually believe it, they clearly think it’s a winning message ahead of 2024. And it makes you think, are they on to something? Should I be freaking out about how right-wing Republicans are co-opting woke and wokeism? My gut here is no, you don't need to be too worried about their war on woke because the Republican crusade against wokeness may not be as potent of a campaign issue as they may hope."

To support her argument, Psaki cited a poll conducted by USA Today/Ipsos, which found that 39% of Americans believe "woke" means "to be overly politically correct and police others' words," while 56% of Americans believe "woke" means "to be informed, educated on, and aware of social injustices." Psaki also referenced a focus group in Florida that voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and President Biden in 2020, finding that the members were "confused" by the term "woke," as reported by Axios.


Additionally, Psaki referred to conservative author Bethany Mandel, who went viral for struggling to define "woke" during an interview about her new book, "Stolen Youth." Psaki pointed out that Mandel had difficulty conveying the meaning of "woke" in a 15-second sound bite, concluding, "it sounds like you can let your woke flag fly." Mandel later explained she had been thrown off after hearing her interviewer, Briahna Joy Gray, on a hot mic "demeaning parenting in general in colorful and nasty terms, stating parents only have kids in order to perpetuate their own narcissism."

Psaki left her position as White House press secretary in May 2022, with Karine Jean-Pierre taking over in her stead. In a tweet after the show, Psaki encouraged people to "let your woke flag fly." According to Psaki, the Republican Party's campaign against "woke" may not be as effective as they hope, given that the term is widely misunderstood.