Non-Binary "Queer-Library" Teacher In California Likens Drag Shows In School To This...

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 21 March 2023 14:10
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A California teacher previously made headlines for promoting explicit materials in their classroom queer library.

Now, they’re at it again. This time, it’s for promoting drag in schools and likening that to Shakespeare.

Danielle Serio teaches at San Juan Hills High School. The teacher now identifies as non-binary and prefers to go by Flint. When asked about promoting drag in the classroom, Flint responded that it’s like Shakespeare. According to The Post Millennial, Flint said, “The same people who usually scream themselves purple about keeping queerness out of the classroom and the inherent harmful nature of drag are usually the first to tell me that I should stick to teaching the classics in my English class, like Shakespeare. So let’s check. One in five of his almost 40 surviving plays have drag as central to the plot.”

Serio first became the center of attention in December when their TikTok account featured a video that was bragging about the sexually explicit content available in the library. There were allegedly books teaching children about kinks and things like group sex. The accusations led to a District investigation.

The Post Millennial says, “One of the books, ‘Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans…,’ covered various adult sexual fetishes and a site called ‘FetLife’ that advertises itself as for the ‘kink community.’” The book also touched on things like using dildos and orgies.


The School District released a statement saying that the books are only available for extracurricular activities and not available to all students.

The school’s principal, Dr. Mahindrakar, seems to support students exposed to this material. According to the Washington Examiner, “‘In my educational experience, books are always a good thing, and any books that support our students, I’m for,’ Mahindrakar said in the video.”

The more we learn about what’s going on in California, the more I never want to live there.