WATCH Paris In Shambles: Hundreds Arrested After Rioters Set Fires, Clash With Cops Over Pension Reform

By Ryan Canady | Sunday, 19 March 2023 23:45
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The city of Paris is a mess right now.

Some might even say that it has always been a mess! Regardless, the point is that the authorities in Paris are trying to handle the situation before it gets truly out of control. Hundreds of citizens have been arrested as they continue to protest changes by President Macron to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 in France.

Breitbart reports that 217 people were arrested in the French capital during ongoing protests. Those protestors are outraged that President Macron lifted the retirement age without a vote by the National Assembly. These changes must take effect by 2030 per the order of the President.

However, many are upset that this is being done at all, and they are even more upset by the fact that the measures were taken without a vote by the National Assembly. Many feel that they’re not being represented and that the President is simply trying to push through whatever he wants to do at this time.


Understandably, many in Paris concluded they were not being represented by their government now. It seems like officials are largely ignoring those whom they have entrusted, and they don’t like the conclusions that those officials have come to. Therefore, they started to riot in massive ways throughout the capital.

Rioters set fire to barricades set up by police, and many of those rioters directly clashed with police in the city. They wanted to make their voices heard, but they were also lashing out in any way they possibly could when faced with the reality that their government had abandoned them. This might continue to develop in the coming weeks and months. It doesn’t seem like too many are willing to step away from this particularly challenging situation, and the authorities have their hands full with all of this.