A Bit Of Advice: Trump Tells CNN To "Go For" Him In The Primaries To Beat Fox News Ratings

Written By BlabberBuzz | Sunday, 19 March 2023 22:45
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Donal Trump is full of advice for everyone, and now he has some advice to help CNN boost its ratings.

According to him, if CNN goes for him in the primaries, their ratings could beat Fox’s.

Trump isn’t as fond of Fox as they once were of him. Although Fox News avidly supports President Trump, they have stayed away from displaying that same level of support this time. President Trump has accused them of being fake news on multiple occasions.

Per Knewz, “This suggestion comes after he accused the Fox network of ‘aiding and abetting the destruction of America with fake news.’ Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch positioned himself on Trump’s bad side when he reportedly expressed disbelief in Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.”


Others point out that the real problem began because Fox soft-banned Trump. They didn’t feature him on the show and stopped supporting him like they once did. However, at that same time, they featured several other Republicans on the network.

The advice from Trump comes as CNN needs help to get its ratings up. CNN is currently facing its lowest ratings in a decade. Now, they are trying one thing after another to boost ratings. Trump says they’ll never make it if they don’t support him.

According to Knewz, “This includes interviews with prominent public figures, town-hall events, and special reports, as well as hiring prominent comics, comedians, and celebrities to fill in the 9 PM hour.” While CNN struggles, Fox News remains in the lead, even if they aren’t a favorite of President Trump. Some anchors did, and still do, support his claims of voter fraud, while others shy away from the topic.