WATCH: GOP Senator Goes At It With CNN Anchor In Sticky Social Security Debate

By Ryan Canady | Saturday, 18 March 2023 23:45
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A Republican Senator got into a heated debate with a CNN host live on television recently, which got very heated between them.

At least it might have made for some good TV on CNN for once!.

Fox News reports that Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., and CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins got heated back and forth over President Biden’s stance on Social Security. Senator Cassidy criticized the CNN host for her talking points about the president’s stance on Social Security. Cassidy went after Biden’s unwillingness to budge at all to work with Republicans are reforming a program that everyone tends to agree needs some revamping. This is something that needs to be done about this.

Fox News reports that the debate between the two became tense after Collins tried to move on from the topic of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank to Social Security. Senator Cassidy informed the anchor that “the Social Security trust fund is going broke in nine years.” He then went after President Biden by saying: “The president knows that be keeps telling the American people it’s no problem. He has not told us what he wants to do.”


Putting his fists together to add extra emphasis to the point that he was making, he said: “It is going broke in nine years. At that point, there’ll be a 25% cut and when someone who is depending on Social Security – a 25% in what they’re getting, and the president doesn’t seem to care!”


Collins replied: “The White House would push back on that, I should say.” The senator swiftly fired back: “How? What is their plan? He has not announced a plan!”

The anchor then said that White House budget director Shalanda Young had told her during an interview that the Administration has a plan for Social Security. However, a plan has yet to emerge for the public, and many people are getting anxious about the situation we find ourselves in with Social Security.

Cassidy cut the anchor off her talking points by saying: “Now, how do they protect it? Because yesterday she was asked in committee, and she could not give an answer about their plan.”

Overall, it was an agitated moment between the two, and it set off sparks that made CNN almost watchable for a moment.