WATCH: BBC Journalists Quits Job And Donates Pension To Atone For Family's Slave-Owning History

By Ryan Canady | Sunday, 19 March 2023 09:30
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A BBC journalist has decided to abruptly quit her job and donate her time to working with families that have had to deal with slavery in the past.

RedState reports that Laura Trevelyan, one of the stars of BBC, has decided that she would make this significant shift in her life for whatever reason. Just last month, she and her family traveled to the Caribbean nation of Grenada to apologize for the fact that her family owned approximately 1,000 enslaved people in centuries and decades gone by.

Many people like to scold themselves and their families for what they have done in the past, but they don’t take any other action besides this. That is highly troubling because many people make all these claims about how they will change their lives and how sorry they are for the slavery situations from the past.

However, Trevelyan at least took her scolding seriously enough to put her money where her mouth was on this one. However, you have to give her credit for the fact that she is putting her money where her mouth is.

She is starting by pulling 100,000 pounds from her pension to donate to the cause of reparations. She will also be going all over the globe to talk about the actions that she is taking to try to find herself some peace of mind as she tries to do her best to get over the guilt that she feels over the fact that her family might have owned some slaves at some point in the past.

Many tend to roll their eyes at big motions like this because they seem to be nothing more than a pat on one’s own back, and understandably, one might have this reaction. However, it is interesting that this reporter took the effort to pull some funds from her pension, at least indeed, and donate them. That is further than most people ever go.