WATCH: Charges DROPPED Against Michigan White Couple Who Pointed A Gun At Black Woman And Daughter Outside A Restaurant

By Ryan Canady | Saturday, 18 March 2023 05:15
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In a bid for common sense, a White couple initially charged with pointing a gun at a Black mother and her daughter have had their charges dropped.

Fox News reports that the couple was initially charged with pointing a gun at the woman and her daughter outside a Michigan restaurant. Now, authorities say that the charges will be dropped.

Initially, both Eric Wuestenberg, 44, and Jillian Wuestenberg, 34, were charged with felonious assault. However, Oakland County Judge Mary Ellen Brennan dismissed the charges against the couple after the alleged victim, in this case, failed to show up for court at all.

Fox Detroit reports that the incident occurred in a Chipotle parking lot in Orion Township. There was a heated exchange between the Wuestenbergs and Takelia Hill. Allegedly, Hill said that she believed Eric had initially bumped into her 15-year-old daughter in the parking lot. She called on him to apologize for this, but he would not do so. This led to a heating exchange between the couple and Hill. At some point, a gun was allegedly pulled out and pointed at Hill and her daughter.


Hill wrote on Facebook about the incident saying: “So, this is America,” and “I’ve never in my life had a gun pulled out on me. … I’ve never felt so helpless in my life I’m so shaken up.”

A video of the incident showed a woman pointing a gun at Hill and saying: “Back the f--k up.”


Jillian Wuestenberg says that she feared for her safety in this incident. A news report states that she said: “They were blocking the entrance to the car, I had a railing behind me,” and “I was trapped, I couldn’t go anywhere. I was being yelled at, berated, called a racist and ignorant, and I was trapped.”

Eric Wuestenberg says that he got out of his car to help his wife back into the car. He did all he could to protect his wife’s safety in a tense and scary situation.

Jullian Wuestenberg said: “At that point I realized we’re not going home tonight, we’re not going to see another day, and the only thing I can do is protect myself and I draw my firearm.”

Both Wuestenbergs say they lost their jobs because of the incident. The encounter went viral on social media, and the couple says this cost them their jobs.