Michigan Dems Vote To Repeal Anti-Union "Right-To-Work" Law

Written By BlabberBuzz | Friday, 17 March 2023 12:00
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The law, which is called the “Right-To-Work” law, was enacted in 2012 when Republicans had control in Michigan.

It ensured that non-union members at a workplace did not have to pay union dues, even if the union negotiated on their behalf. This makes sense because they are not part of the union. However, Democrats are seeking to change that.

Senators passed the repeal, and now it goes on to the House. The House is expected to vote for the repeal as well. Democratic Governor Whitmer said she would sign it, making the repeal legal.

Union supporters are in favor of the law being repealed as well. According to Fox News, “Union supporters, many of whom had waited nearly nine hours for the Senate to vote, cheered loudly from the gallery and outside the Senate chamber as Democrats voted to approve the repeal. A repeal in Michigan would deliver a much-needed victory in the region for unions after Wisconsin and Indiana passed their own ‘right-to-work’ laws over the past decade.”


Supporters say the law has been hard on employees, and wages have suffered. They also claim that workers’ rights are suffering because of it. However, those opposed to them appealing the law, such as Republican Thomas Albert, say that repealing the law will result in forced union membership.

When the law was passed in 2012, it sparked massive protests from union supporters. The same scenario is seen in other states, such as Wisconsin, with similar regulations. Despite what Republicans and business advocates say, Michigan is currently run by Democrats, making it impossible for them to have any say in legislation.

It’s unfair that people must pay union dues when they are not part of the union. Everyone in America deserves a choice on whether they want to join a union.