WATCH: DeSantis-Backed Bill That Would Eliminate DEI From Florida College Curriculum Advances In State House

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 16 March 2023 12:00
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DeSantis continues to attack the leftist agenda.

He recently made headlines for wanting to eliminate Critical Race Theory from educational curriculums and started probing what colleges do regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. After he sent a request for information regarding staff, courses, and activities that fall into the DEI category, most people were curious. Now, we know what DeSantis was planning.

A new bill, called HB 99, seeks to restructure higher learning by eliminating those courses. It has passed the House and now moves on to be heard in the Florida Senate.

There were several people opposed to the bill. According to Fox News:

“As more than 150 people reportedly showed up to the House subcommittee hearing Monday to voice opposition to the legislation, Andrade stressed that it would not limit student activities no matter the political agenda.”


Despite the considerable opposition to the bill, DeSantis stands behind his decision. Per Fox News:

“‘I believe that state universities should [be] focused on teaching students how to think, not what to think,’ he said, according to”


DeSantis has deemed that programs that fall into the DEI category unnecessary drain on essential resources. He also supports that these programs push a leftist agenda and force students to comply. A recent survey of 12 universities determined that $34.5 million went to these programs and the faculty that the programs need.

The new bill goes a step beyond removing DEI programs and faculty. It also requires that a board review the curriculum and specific information regarding state universities to ensure that it aligns with the mission of state colleges, which is to offer an education that promotes citizenship and aligns with the state’s needs for the existing workforce. Diversity programs don’t exactly meet that.

This decision includes, but is not limited to, programs that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, such as specific history and queer history. Universities are not allowed to spend state or federal money on activities focusing on this or special treatment of a particular race. Instead, they are encouraged to focus on evidence-based history.