WATCH THIS: WH Claims DeSantis Is "Attacking Young Kids And Their Parents"

By Ryan Canady | Monday, 13 March 2023 10:25
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The White House is striking at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by saying he is “attacking young kids and their parents.

” Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took issue with some comments made by DeSantis in the past, according to the Friday press conference she gave from the White House press secretary’s podium. She went after DeSantis for saying, “Florida is where woke goes to die” during a speech earlier in the day. The Post Millennial reports that Jean-Pierre said such comments were “attacking children and their parents.”.

Jean-Pierre said: “Here’s what I have to say. When Republicans, extreme Republicans, these MAGA Republicans don’t agree with an issue or with policy, they don’t bring forth something that’s going to either have a good faith conversation, they go to this conversation of woke,”

She said that this type of thinking leads to terrible policy decisions and that those decisions can end up hurting families. She concluded her comments on this by saying:


“Kids and their parents. What does that have to do with anything about being woke? That is hate, and it is shameful. It is shameful, and we’re going to call it out. And as I said, the President is going to continue to say we have the back of that community or any vulnerable community,”


DeSantis made this comment while speaking at the Freedom Blueprint Event, where he spoke next to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. DeSantis hasn’t officially declared his intention to run for President in 2024, but many notes that he is in Iowa. That is the first state on the primary schedule for Republicans, which means that any potential candidate visiting the state will get some eyeballs on them. This is particularly true when you are as high of a profile candidate as DeSantis is. This is why some ears are perking up as they hear that DeSantis is in the state and isn’t afraid to make specific comments about where he thinks the country should go.

The primary is now less than a year away, sending many people into a buzz about the potential candidates gathering in places like Iowa. Therefore, you can expect the White House to try to take some shots at a potential candidate they appear to take very seriously.