Australian Parents FURIOUS After Their Grade-School Children Are Told They Must Wear These...

By Ryan Canady | Tuesday, 21 February 2023 05:15
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Some Australian parents were distraught when they were told that their children must wear pride shirts to participate in an A-League halftime game that occurred during the halftime of a soccer match.

The Daily Mail first reported that the children were set to compete at halftime of an A-League game between United and Victory on February 26. However, some parents were taken aback when they read on the registration form that participation in the event meant signing off on their children wearing a specially-designed pride shirt to participate in that event.

Breitbart reports that the form read: “Please note that Melbourne Victory will be celebrating Pride Cup at this fixture. As such, participants playing half time small sided games will be wearing a specially designed pride T-shirt during the game,” and “By continuing with this registration form you agree to your child wearing the MVFC pride T-shirt.”

One parent spoke with the Daily Mail and said it was disturbing that such a requirement would be put on their children to participate in this event. That parent said:

“It’s deeply disturbing that the Melbourne Victory is forcing 6 year old children to be moving billboards,” and “While I personally agree with the concept of pride and the safety of all LGBTQI+ persons to participate in sport, primary aged schoolchildren are not the correct avenue to express these sentiments.”


This means that this particular parent entirely agrees with LGBTQ+ pride, but they still think it is wrong to make children wear a shirt like that to participate in the event. They feel that this is forcing an ideology onto a child regardless of the feelings of the parent or the child themselves. These children are not truly old enough to have opinions about the LGBTQ+ agenda or anything else. However, this venue wants to make them express an opinion by making them wear a shirt that supports one side of the issue over the other.

A Melbourne Victory spokesperson argued that the mandate to wear the shirt was smaller of a deal than some parents are making it. That spokesperson said that children or parents who feel uncomfortable with the shirt could sign their children up to participate on another day. This is their workaround for getting children into the halftime performance without making them wear the pride shirt. That said, some parents still feel that this is discriminatory.