This Will Surprise You: Scientists Reveal Top Countries Where Couples Are Most (And Least) In Love

By Ryan Canady | Saturday, 18 February 2023 15:45
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Scientists and researchers have been looking into where couples are the happiest and most in love.

Even though some people say that Paris is the capital of love, the research indicates that Budapest is the capital with the happiest couples.

The Daily Mail reports that researchers at the University of Wroc?aw in Poland have discovered that Hungary is the country with the most in-love couples. They concluded this by putting out a survey of people across 45 countries on six continents and found that Hungary was the place where teams were the happiest with one another.

The research was based on a 1 to 10 scale that found that Hungary had a love score of 7.94 out of nine. This was the highest score of any of the 45 countries that were surveyed. Therefore, researchers concluded that more people are more closely bonded with their partners in Hungary than in any other country surveyed.

According to the report by the Daily Mail, Pakistan was the country that scored the lowest of those surveyed. The average score for those in Pakistan was just 6.49 out of nine. This is important to remember when looking at all of the details of this report. The critical thing to remember about all of this is that many countries should be included on the list.


Researchers found a correlation between the happiness of couples and the development of those countries. In other words, if a country is developed, the couples living there are more likely to report that they are happier than those in developing countries.

The Daily Mail reports that the feeling of love is biological. They say that hormones play a significant role in the way that people fall in love with each other. That is important to note because it means that, despite the differences in reported happiness between couples in different areas, we are all dealing with the same biological elements that make someone fall in love. Therefore, we must look at how people differ from one another in terms of how happy we are with our life partners. This study is worth taking a hard look at because it can tell us a lot about how different people interact with each other throughout different countries.