The Fallout Begins: Michigan Lawmakes Are Demanding Accountability Based On Pfizer Exec's Admissions

Written By BlabberBuzz | Tuesday, 07 February 2023 20:30
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Recently, Project Veritas released an undercover exposé featuring the words of Dr.

Jordan Walker, a Pfizer executive and Director of Research & Development Strategic Operations, who admitted that Pfizer is involved in "directed evolution" experiments.

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Robert Malone, a doctor, claims that this is a form of "gain of function" and that Pfizer is planning to create new deadly viruses and then use the resulting "vaccines" to cure them.

In response, a brave group of Michigan legislators, including Michigan Freedom Caucus members Rachelle Smit and Matt Maddock, joined forces with Michigan for Vaccine Choice and other grassroots activists to demonstrate outside of the Pfizer headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan and to seek information.


Pfizer execs caught wind of the pending demonstration and applied pressure on the police to try to prevent it.

The Michigan Freedom Caucus's Rep. Rachelle Smit strongly denounced the actions of Pfizer and those in government and media who have aided them. "Turns out, they’re manufacturing deadly, Frankenstein viruses!” she said.

Smit then highlighted how the deceitful tactics of Pfizer have led to thousands of Americans suffering from the effects of their ineffective and dangerous vaccines.

Matt Maddock, a representative, vociferously requested answers, calling out Pfizer and its federal government partners as "war criminals."