Police Vs. Firefighters: Seattle Fire Department Causes UPROAR After This Move

Written By BlabberBuzz | Thursday, 02 February 2023 20:30
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The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) has caused an uproar after ordering the removal of a “Thin Blue Line” flag from the public area of a fire station. This flag symbolizes solidarity with law enforcement officers and has been used in the past by supporters of police officers.

The move comes after the Seattle Firefighter Union voted this month to divide the proceeds from the sale of Thin Red Line apparel "equally (50/50) between the Widow and Orphans Fund and BLM."

The statement from the SFD explained that the decision to take down the flag was made due to its “use at rallies for extremist groups”. This statement has been met with criticism from many who believe that the flag has been unfairly associated with these groups.

The Thin Blue Line flag is a widely accepted symbol of support for police officers, and its use has been seen in many other cities. The Thin Red Line flag, a similar symbol that represents firefighters, has been sold by the local firefighters union.

The move to take down the flag has led to a divide among many in the Seattle area. Some believe that it is necessary to take down the flag in order to avoid any association with extremist groups, while others argue that it is a sign of disrespect to law enforcement officers who serve and protect the community.


“We recognize that the original meaning of the flag was to show support for police officers,” said SFD Chief Harold Scoggins. “However, it has become clear that the flag has been co-opted by extremist groups, and we must take action to ensure that our community stands in solidarity with BLM.”

The SFD’s decision to take down the flag has led to a wide range of reactions from the community. While some agree with the decision, others are calling it a sign of disrespect to law enforcement officers.