Can't Make This Sh*t Up: Hunter Biden Threatened Assistant For Refusing To FaceTime Him NAKED

Written By BlabberBuzz | Wednesday, 01 February 2023 21:45
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President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, is facing a new accusation of harassment and inappropriate behavior after a series of text messages were released that allegedly show him attempting to coerce a former employee into FaceTiming him naked.

The former employee, who has remained anonymous, is just one of several former assistants who have publicly alleged that Hunter Biden engaged in sexual relationships with them.

The text messages, which date back to 2018, were provided to the Daily Mail by the former assistant of Hunter Biden. In the messages, Hunter Biden is said to have asked the assistant to "face time and Skype naked" in order to receive payment for her work.

The employee refused, and Hunter Biden allegedly responded by saying that he would "forfeit" her payment for her refusal.

The former employee, who worked as an assistant to Hunter Biden during the Obama administration, also said that Hunter Biden had sexual relationships with at least three other assistants while they worked for him. She said that she was uncomfortable with the situation and felt "stuck" because she needed the money to support her family.


Joe Biden has not commented on the allegations against his son, but he has said that he believes in the importance of treating women with respect and dignity. In a statement released by his campaign, Joe Biden said that he takes "any allegations of inappropriate conduct very seriously."

The legal team for Hunter Biden released a statement denying the allegations and saying that he "absolutely denies that he ever engaged in any inappropriate behavior." The statement also noted that the text messages in question were "taken out of context and are not representative of the broader relationship he had with his former employees."